Meet Andy Hockley


It all started when…

We are pumped and excited by having Andy Hockley offering Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy at the Beehive! This powerful healing modality uses a deep state of relaxation to access awareness of stored emotions and experiences. From there, these stored emotions and experiences may be healed and released.

Andy is a born empath whose own healing journey began in early adulthood. Early in his process, he recognized a strong calling to facilitate healing work for others. His approach to helping involves joining with you in working toward the movement and flow that you desire in your life, walking alongside you on your path and providing acceptance and support along the way.

Andy has been working in the counseling field since 2005. His style of therapy is relaxed, present, and from the heart. He prides himself in care that is personalized to the individual and their healing process.

Andy's Education/Training:

  • Indiana University of Pennsylvania, BA Psychology 2002
  • Temple University, Masters of SocialWork 2007
  • The Wellness Institute, Heart Centered Hypnotherapy 2016

Andy is currently in the process of furthering his training, attending a two-year advanced clinical hypnotherapy internship with the Wellness Institute.