Thursday September 22, 2016
7 - 8 pm
At The Inner-Connection, 300 Bridge St. New Cumberland

This powerful and engaging year of 2016 is the year of Completion. One cycle ends and another begins. The Universe invites us to break free of self-imposed suffering, by focusing your awareness on spiritual matters. Surrendering to the powerful tool of Communication and listening from deep within, to then communicate from the heart, you then weave new prospects and allow the shedding of the old. As you practice new ways to share your needs you may direct your energy into new places. The aversion to seemingly difficult subjects will fade away, and others will have less resistance to your ideas. 

In this Autumn of 2016, a new cycle begins. In this ceremony you may reflect on the last 12 years to see how far you have come, to reignite old dreams with New Awarenesses, and to let go of any regrets. Yes…. you heard me!  “Balance” is available here, it is at hand in this potent and invigorating Sun in Libra. Let’s embrace this ceremony with Hope, Surrender and Empowerment as Jaque Hanson and the Bee Present Wellness Graduates hold your letting goes and your new awakenings! 

Investment: Love Offering