This program is design to open up new neurological passageways into the sacred feminine or the negative polarity within each one of us! We will explore different activities that will be in alignment with the synchronization of the new evolutionary expression of the divine feminine within, and in a loving and non-judgmental atmosphere we will unleash these energies outward.  This Moon, Organic and Creative aspect of us is multidimensional. The sacred feminine or Shakti energy is complex and has gifts in every facet of its consciousness, which may bring us all to the sacred present moment, and it may propel us ahead, in this new Aquarian Age. 

Our April Goddess Is Amaterasu!


Tuesday April 19, 2016

6-9 pm


These gatherings will be a potent invitation for deep exploration and is open to women and men alike. We all do possess the "Yin" as part of our make up. This monthly program will feature completely different evocative activities. 

Each month Jaque will be inviting in a different facet of the Goddess energy. There will be different activities such as:

  • Goddess history
  • Ceremony
  • Guided meditations
  • Visualization
  • Emotional Intelligence Exercises
  • Drumming
  • Chanting
  • Enriching Activities 
  • Essential Oils
  • Development of personalized rituals and ceremonies 
  • And much more! 

Investment: $35 

***In addition to purchasing your ticket on line please email Jaque to receive an email with a list of what you may bring for the workshop at with the subject: "List For Awakening The Goddess Within" at list two days before the date!