Beehive Graduation- A Contemporary Mystery School Commencement

"I do not believe in miracles, I rely on them."     
                                                                                   ~ Yogi Bhajan

As I sit in this sacred setting facing the East, the direction of beginnings, I feel the nature sounds surrounding me in every fiber of my being. Cicadas, crickets, the sound of water from the Issacs Creek below me, the sound of the wind arousing the abundant leaves constituting the forest all around. And the birds, ohhh the birds.... Butterflies, dragonflies and damselfly are playfully adding many different hues of colors, sizes and species to the mix. I feel still. I feel whole. I feel Blessed! 

The blessings from this weekend's Beehive Spiritual Training's graduation retreat are just beginning to settle into my being. This divine land has been a very important part of my spiritual journey, in a variety of levels. The love of Service from the founder Suwaylu Adams and Petros Heichler has been a source of awe and inspiration for me for the past 8 years or so. 

The knowledge of the existence of this land came to me in a very auspicious way. I was searching for a retreat space. I had very specific things in mind. It had to have comfortable and clean quarters for the attendants. It had to have a beautiful space for the gatherings. As well as cooking amenities. The outdoors needed to be inviting, inspiring and safe. I asked questions around to the people I knew. I visited a few places in my area and nothing felt right. 

A friend took me to to Berkeley Springs, VA and I felt that the energy in that area was what I was looking for. I decided to google places there, three spa type of business to be exact. At that time Google was a new endeavor lol. One person, a massage therapist and energy practitioner called me back. She took the time to chat with me and the conversation led her to tell me about the Summer Solstice yearly gathering, that was coming up at The Land Celebration, in Gore, VA. Excited and hopeful my husband William and I, along with two other friends came for the weekend expedition. We stayed at a hotel close by since they were full here. 

We were welcomed with such authentic delight, care and inclusivity that it blew me away. There were community healing sessions, private sessions, live music, spiritual New Thought lectures, amazing healthy food, and the land....   Ahhhhhh The Land. The grottos, meditation nooks, ponds, labyrinths, medicine wheels, and so much love emanating from every thing here. The infusion of unconditional love was and is palpable. 

Fast forwarding to 10 months ago as I started the first Bee Present Training I started to feel the calling, our Beehive was buzzing for more. My beloved students were very excited to go into retreat to marinate in the celebration of their hard work for all of these months, submersing in this gestation time, in this mystery school experience. 

As anyone drive in through the gateway you enter into a portal, a vortex of healing powerful energies. The divinity of the Creator is palpable here. It's easy to center, to listen within, to open up to intuition. Since my training has been designed to be in the Bee Present Wellness studio, this retreating experience is vital for a mystery school concept. Nature was calling... Passionately! 

What is a Mystery School? This term is used for a place in which an initiate, or student, has an extended amount of time to deepen into spiritual teachings and practices. I have as of now been part of 6 very diverse and different kinds of Mystery Schools. Being part of these rich and spiritually expansive schools brought back the memories of my truest Self. My soul is integrating more and more with this physicality. More and more, as I surrender to my spiritual practices I remember who I am. My I Am That I Am presence is ecstatically here. And I am humble to share this presence annnnd very cool techniques and practices with others. 

have you ever heard of a mystery school? What does a mystery school mean to you? Do you have any idea how attending a spiritual training program would enhance your life? Would you ever consider investing your energy, time and resources to dive deeper into your spiritual make up?