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Breathe Easy Yoga

With B.J. McNeillie
Mondays 11-12:15 am
All Levels

Arguably the two most important things we do in life are breathing and moving.  We obviously need to breathe, and our bodies are designed for motion.  The way we breathe sets our emotional foundation.  If we breathe and move well on a daily basis, a lot of other things tend to fall into place.  Kundalini Yoga uses breath and motion, along with sound and meditation, to balance the flow of energy through the body and mind so we can be the best human beings possible.  B.J. has a gentle teaching style that allows students to take things at their own pace.  If you have been practicing yoga for years, or if yoga is a new adventure for you, this is a class that can help you feel more centered and steady in a short period of time.


For abundant information on Kundalini Yoga please check out the Kundalini Research Institute!