Meet Cathy Harner

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It all started when…

Cathy Harner started her carrier as a nurse from 1964 through 1967 at the Polyclinic School of Nursing. Her love for learning took her into the wings of stars, planets and asteroids, as she started her life long love for Astrology in the early 80s, while she was living in Seattle Washington. Cathy continued her studies in Harrisburg in Pennsylvania. Astrological professional readings came about in 1984 in Central Pennsylvania.

As Cathy received a spontaneous Reiki session with an aesthetician appointment, Cathy became emotionally and physically aware of the powerful benefits of Reiki. Her curiosity lead very quickly toward wanting to learn Reiki. She trained in Usui Reiki from 1997 until 1999. She has been spreading the Reiki Love since 2000 consistently!

Cathy has been serving her community as a Reiki teacher and as a natural community leader. She has been bringing the awareness and grace of the different Archetypes of the Goddess all along. A trip to Greece solidified it. Malta and Sedona have been some of the places that Cathy has created retreats to.

Cathy started the Invoking The Goddess’ Mysteries with Jaque Hanson. This mystery school for women only has been empowering women and has ignited the creation of sisterhood in a very deep level. These women’s lives and all the ones around them has benefited greatly.

This very gifted and filled with loving and exciting vibes is serving as a huge motivator to guide all the folks that she meets with an open heart, and much understanding of how metaphysics may impact our lives. And most importantly how we may educate and empower ourselves to embrace a fulfilling and sustainable life, as well as to encourage folks in our midst.