As this modern age descends upon us all with the intensities of multitasking via technology and other means, our physical body and mental abilities get to be uncomfortably stretched to the max in every moment of every day. Even though the effectiveness of technology is growing faster, creating action and results, we are left with depletion in our physical, emotional and mental bodies. 

As we open up to new, which are ancient in fact, ways of coping. We can embrace a deep connection with the Inner Self, embody compassion and kindness to ourselves and consequently those around us. Learning powerful breath techniques such as Pranayama, simple and effective poses that can be done on the floor, standing and most importantly sitting down. We may detox our systems of toxins and emotions, and we can revitalize out whole being with oxygen, Prana and quality of living. 

These ancient techniques have been under extensive studies around the world. All over scientists are finding explanations of how these techniques prove effective with a myriad of diseases including but not limited to anxiety, clinical depression, addiction and recovery, balance, peace of mind and well being.

The time recommended for these classes are 1 hr., 1:15 hr. or 1:30 hr. The students may be dressed up. The instructor may use soothing music, essential oils for a well rounded relaxed atmosphere. 

$100 per hour plus traveling time 

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