🐝Beehive Challenge and Giveaways✨

We have a challenge for YOU with lots of awesome giveaways!!💝  As we grow we are enlivened with the prospect of helping our community to be healthier and happier. We are planning FANTABULOUS give aways in exchange for your testimonial videos!! 🎉  This may be done with your phone or computer in the comfort of your home or in nature. The guidelines are simple and clear! Let the games begin!!🐝✨ 



  • Three 60 min Deep Tissue Massage or Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy® massage drawing with all of the participants names
  • Three 30 min Chi Machine Sessions with aromatherapy, relaxing music in our healing and beautiful studio 
  • A rollerball per person in gratitude of your efforts! As long as you cover the bellow guidelines you may enjoy aromatherapy in a bottle. You may make the rollerball yourself with our in house collection of essences and fractionated coconut oil. Our team will be available to consult with you if needed. 
  • Private 50 min Hatha or Kundalini Yoga class with Aromatherapy
  • A gorgeous Vogel Crystal pendent 
  • Orgonite with a matching essential oil rollerball for meditation porpuse 

Here are the guidelines:

  1. Share your name
  2. Where you are from
  3. How you found us
  4. Since we have many offerings choose 1 or 2 that called you into the Beehive!
  5. How did the atmosphere of the studio feel to you? The inside and the outside (the town of New Cumberland, parking, etc)
  6. Your experience with the practitioner/facilitator(s): 
  • What did you learn/experience? 
  • Was it of value to you? 
  • If so in what way?
  • Did you heal, or grow physically or emotionally from the program?

       7. Would you recommend the studio's services to your friends? If so why? 
       8. Keep it short and concise please, no more the 1 to 2 minutes long. Simple is great!!

Please email the video with all the items above checked to Jaque@beepresentwellness.com. For any additional information please call us at (717) 448-1281.