Facilitators: Jaque Hanson, Whobbie Petrie and Matthew Kurtyka

Location: Bee Present Wellness New Cumberland PA 17070

 When: Saturday January 23, 2016

Investment: $55 by Friday January 22, 2016. There after $65. Drop in if available. 

 Sitting #1 10 am - 4:45 pm  Click here to register on line! 

 Sitting #2 1:15 pm - 7:45 pm Click here to register on line! 


With three dynamic co-facilitators you may dive deeply into Exploration, Healing and Invocation by intentionally co-creating your 2016 in a loving environment. This empowering session will bring you to recognize the challenges from 2015 with Jaque, as she compassionately assist you in processing them and supporting you on letting them go. The next step is to receive divine guidance as Whoobie guides you into a journey of wonder and all possibility. At this point Matthew will lovingly receive you wrapped in a blanket of co-creation vibrations as he guides you to birth your Conscious Vision Board.

Bring: scissors, glue stick and a journal, wear an old top, medium basket, 4 small 2-3" bowls, old flat sheet, small shells, crystals or mementos. *Please bring a bagged lunch for Sitting # 1 & #2.

We are limiting each Sitting to 12 people. 8 are being sold here with the link below and 4 will be sold on Eventbrite, for each sitting. Space is limited due to the concentrated potency of this program.


About the Co-Facilitators

Jaque Hanson is inspired by the human potentiality! She ignites clients to embrace their human foibles and Light for a deep celebration of their Gifts via yoga, energy and Shamanic healing, and more! Jaque facilitates her work at Bee Present Wellness in New Cumberland in PA and other locations.

Whoobie Petrie is a clairvoyant medium, Reiki Master/Teacher - Whoobie embraced the healing and transformative experiences with Reiki during one of the darkest times of her life, and immediately recognized the energy as a natural part of her being. This realization catapulted her into an accelerated journey of the soul. Whoobie embraces her clairvoyant Self and lives to Serve her clients with accuracy, authenticity and deep love. 

Matt Kurtyka spends his time drawing, aiming to inspire not just artists, but creators across the world into opening their mind and thinking outside the box. Especially in these current times, it is imperative that we express ourselves as openly as possible, whether it be through the means of visual art, science, humanitarianism, or whatever else makes us feel alive.


For any questions contact us at  Info@beepresentwellness.com