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Meet Dawn Bollinger

Dawn started her healing journey in 2009. She was quickly brought to the world of Crystals and started to draw in some very powerful crystals to her aid. As she received them, either as gifts or purchases, she started reading about them and how she could work with them, and use them to assist in her healing process. Dawn began creating simple jewelry pieces that she either wore or gifted to people along her journey, and now sells and thrives on making custom pieces with genuine crystals for clients to enhance their healing journey, as well as fairy gardens, wall art, wands, alter pieces and much more.

Since then she has fine-tuned her craft and has become even more aligned with her guides and higher-self, which was enlivened and enhanced in 2017, she started her journey with her beloved teacher and mentor Jaque Hanson through Kundalini Yoga. Which led her to Shamanic Usui Reiki. She is certified through the Bee Present Wellness Advanced Energy Apprenticeship program. During the Apprenticeship, she learned the importance and application of Affirmative Prayer and intention setting, as well as deep energy workings. Through this magnificent prayer method, she has been able to change her life and learned how to use it to help others. She has been working very closely with the Angels since 2009-2008, and since 2012 has done a lot of Cord Cutting with Archangel Michael. She has worked with several Goddesses and Lords since 2016 and has participated in 2 Invoking the Goddess’s Mysteries workshops with Jaque Hanson and Catherine Harner.

She is a licensed Cosmetology Educator and has crafted wonderful, natural based beauty products and cleansing products, for body and home, combined with essential oils, crystals and Reiki, to enhance the Beauty Within and allow it to shine. Life's journey has been an ever teaching, ever loving, mystical place, where she has had the privilege to explore and build her craft through the guidance that has presented itself to her along the way, through the years and through the people who have shown up to assist with this process. She is a Tarot, Oracle and Rune Reader, Intuitive, Psychic Medium. She is the Founder and Owner of Let It Begin With You. She is here to love authentically, unconditionally, safely, and with the assistance of her guides, she is here to help bring love and shine light on all who are ready and willing to do the work. She is an Empowered Divine Priestess, Creator of Magical Things.

To make an appointment with Dawn email her at or call at (973) 936-2541.