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Meet Dawn Bollinger

Dawn started her healing journey in 2009. Like many, she experienced various traumas throughout her life, starting at a very young age. Varying from childhood molestation to abusive relationships and all that fell in between.

Since 2009 she has learned how to love herself deeply, in all of her forms, unconditionally, and accept herself fully. Through her studies and healing process she has been able to recognize the patterns in her life in there fullness, recognize that we are all human and we are all here doing the great work for ourselves on this journey. That we are all love at our core and that our traumas, hurts, resentments, jealousies, have built barriers around us, not allowing the Unconditional Love that is available to us all to penetrate into our hearts.

Over the past decade she has worked very diligently on allowing herself to feel safe, safe from her abusers, safe in her own skin, safe with herself. It is a daily practice or ritual that has been built into her life, starting from the moment that she opens her eyes in the morning.

She has learned how to and allowed herself to, have compassion and love for her abusers, finding the peace within herself, being able to recognize the patterns and signs, while she keeps her distance, she is still able to hold complete unconditional compassion, love and peace, recognizing that we all deserve love, no matter our faults.

She has been working with crystals as a healing aid for a decade and makes custom jewelry to aid herself and clients on there healing journey. She is a licensed Cosmetology Educator and has crafted wonderful, natural based beauty products and cleansing products, for body and home, combined with aroma therapy using essential oils, crystals and reiki, to enhance the Beauty Within and allow it to shine.

Life's journey has been an ever teaching, ever loving, mystical place, where she has had the privilege to explore and build herself through the guidance that has presented itself to her along the way and through the people who have shown up to assist with this process. She is a Tarot, Oracle and Rune Reader, Intuitive Psychic Medium, Shamanic Usui Reiki Practitioner (18 hrs. training), and also attended the Bee Present Wellness Apprenticeship & Mentorship program (25 case studies). She has been working with the Angels, Gods and Goddesses in a variation since 2009, with cord cutting and deep inner workings. She is the Founder and Owner of Let It Begin With You.

She is here to love authentically, unconditionally, safely, and with the assistance of her guides, she is here to help bring love and shine light on all who are ready and willing to do the work. She is an Empowered Divine Priestess, Creator of Magical Things. Let your best magical making, Be Your True Authentic Self!

There is no better time then the present to start taking steps towards the life of your dreams.

To make an appointment with Dawn email her at or call at (973) 936-2541.