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Shamanic Usui Reiki Sessions with Dawn Bollinger

What is a Shamanic Usui Reiki session with Dawn like?

These empowering and comforting sessions are fully clothed. This may be of help to allow you to relax, unwind, recenter and reclaim your power.

What tools are used in the session?

Reiki channels energy by means of touch or no touch, depending on your needs, to activate the natural healing processes of the body and restore physical and emotional well-being. Dawn also uses crystals, rattles, tuning forks, essential oils, sage, dragon’s blood incense, palo santo, and much more, in accordance with your comfort level and your needs with a noninvasive approach.

Is there more?

Yes! Dawn also offers an oracle reading for clients following the session.

Do I need to know anything to attend a session?

This kind guide shall let you know all that you need to initiate and proceed with your session. Dawn starts each session with a brief introduction of her work, and guidance to help you create sustainable and empowering intentions for your session. This insightful exchange leads you to get clarity, and is part of the therapeutic approach before you even get on the massage table.

From this dialogue Dawn creates a custom Affirmative Prayer to set the tone and sow the intentions for your session. Once you are comfortable on the table she start with the prayer and the journey begins into a world of all possibility.

Operating from her intuitive self and her knowledge of the chakras Dawn uses whatever tools she is being called to use, in the order that it is being guided. She often receives messages from deceased loved ones or spiritual guides.

Dawn closes the session with sweet grass to bring you back to reality. She then offers her intuitive insights and any guidance you might need.

Shamanic Usui Reiki 90 min. session: $115

Shamanic Usui Reiki 60 min. session: $85

May I take away something to help me come back to center and restore balance?

As a matter of fact Dawn can create by order, or share with you what she has available the day of your session, sacred bracelets and necklaces with specific quartz crystals and stones that keep you on your path with optimism and an open heart centered. Let her know if you have something in mind or if you would like any suggestions.

Dawn is honored to create a safe atmosphere for a rejuvenating and insightful session just for you! Please email her at or (973) 936-2541.