EvAnn Dahl

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EvAnn Dahl aka Spunky Mouse, OTR/L; Shamanic Reiki Master

EvAnn began her personal holistic healing journey in 2016. After decades of dealing with debilitating headaches, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and immune issues, she has embraced the holistic medicine approach. The results that she has experienced through the use of holistic therapies and energy techniques have been nothing short of astounding. She has been blessed with a wonderful team of local holistic practitioners and in 2017 she reached out to the father of holistic medicine, Dr. C. Norman Shealy, to further assist her. She made a trip out to Dr. Shealy's clinic in Springfield, Missouri and spent two weeks under his direct care where she experienced significant improvement in both her headaches and depression. She continues to experience significant improvement in all aspects of her physical and mental health as she is continuing to experience healing of her body, mind, and spirit. EvAnn is grateful for this journey and hopes to share what she's learned to help others.

EvAnn is super excited to be serving the community as a Shamanic Reiki Practitioner.

EvAnn is a graduate of Beehive Mystery School intensive 9-month program and the Beehive Apprenticeship and Mentoring Program. She is a licensed occupational therapist from Elizabethtown College, 1997, and certified music teacher from Lebanon Valley College, 2008, and currently teaches private accordion, piano, and harmonium lessons in her home studio. EvAnn is also the host of the new Beehive Series, “Live at the Hive”, a monthly concert series dedicated to Affirmative Prayer, Meditation, Chanting, and Inspirational Music.