We are delighted to announce the Aromatherapy Study Group with a Clinical Aromatherapist!  Linda Weihbrecht will take you to places you have not dreamed of going with Knowledge and Wonder!!

In this gathering we will explore one essential oil, one hydrosol and one carrier oil in each study session. You will receive a monograph* for each essential oil, hydrosol and carrier oil. 

We will also get down and dirty, or aromatic, with educational and fun hands on demos and amazing and  practical recipes! 

Essential Oil ~ Rose Geranium * Hydrosol ~ Rose Geranium

  * Carrier Oil ~ Argan


Tuesday May 24, 2016

7-9 pm ~ On our second floor Bee YourSelf Learning Center. Entrance on 3rd St.

Fee: $30  Click here to register and purchase a ticket!

*Monograph is a detailed written study of a single specialized subject.