Jaqueline Prado Hanson, CMT, E-RYT 


Jaque started in the field of wellness trainings in 2004. She is a certified massage therapist, Reiki & New Paradigm practitioner and teacher, Advanced Energy & Shamanic practitioner, and Zero Balancing practitioner. Jaque also is a Kundalini & Hatha Yoga instructor. Jaque's passion for embracing holistic treatments developed as she faced physical and emotional challenges of her own and of her family members. As she opened up to Reiki, massage therapy, yoga, meditation, essential oils, EFT and Shamanic healing the quality of her life and of her beloved family members began to expand and transform. Soon she organically began sharing these modalities with others and has created a carrier of Service. She continues to passionately learn and expand as a practitioner, teacher and as a person.

In a spiritual pilgrimage to Malta in 2004 with 26 other women lead by Kathy Harner, her Reiki teacher, Jaque met her first Shamanic teacher in this journey.... and the rest is history! This trip catapulted Jaque into a new world of 'all possibility.' 

In 2009 Jaque began her long relationship with her Shamanic teacher Adhi Two Owls. Through the years, Jaque's work with Adhi catapulted her healing and spiritual evolution via three week long retreats in Assateague Island, Utah and Canada, and numerous other weekend trainings and workshops. Through Adhi's work and mentorship Jaque has deepened in her animal medicine explorations. 

Jaque graduated from Priestess Path Apprenticeship in 2010 (2 year program), a Women's Mystery School, under the tutelage of ALisa Starkweather in Massachusetts. For these two years Jaque held Red Tent Temple gatherings monthly, at her home studio in Pennsylvania for women. This created a surge of honoring and respecting women and ancestor work. 

Jaque is a graduate of The Healing Wounds program in 2011 under the mentorship of Craig Wood. This esoteric training changed Jaque's life. She learned about this life time wounds and how to shift them into her "gifts!"  She has also completed Ascension training with Craig. 

Under the guidance of her teachers Siri Neel Kaur Khalsa from New Mexico, and Awtar Kaur Khalsa from San Francisco, Jaque has been working on her 500 hour Kundalini post graduate certification. 

  • Kundalini Teacher 200 hr training 2006
  • Authentic Relationships in 2013
  • Stress and Vitality in 2014
  • Mind and Meditation in 2015
  • Conscious Communication 2016

In 2012 Jaque received a SuperHealth® "A System of Yogic Science Breaking habits and Addictive Behavior" certification, which has helped her look at students and clients challenges with much more Compassion, Purpose and Clarity. Many students, clients and lay people have been benefiting from this particular training at the Beehive and beyond!  

Jaque is also a graduate of The Unfolding Moment in 2015 (2 year program), under the tutelage of Traci Wood and Kim Schultz, graduates of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. This has deepen her ownership of her own energy field, and has changed how she relates to all living things. 

The Beehive Mystery School Training was birthed by Jaque in 2015. This nine month training is a deeply transformative immersion into Self where healing, personal growth and different disciplines are experienced. Currently there is a Level 1 and Level 2 Beehive Spiritual training. There is also an opportunity for an Apprenticeship for the Healing Arts that is practiced in the Mystery School. For more information please click here.

Jaque is dynamic in her commitment to serve her teacher Siri Neel Kaur Khalsa's community in New Cumberland, in Central PA at Bee Present Wellness center opened in January of 2013. She specializes in Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy and Prenatal Massage Therapies, Shamanic healing, Reiki, Advanced Energy healing, Yoga for Stress Management and Yoga for Addicting Behavior and Recovery. 

Jaque strides to see and meet every client and student where they are at without judgement, compassion, and purpose so that conscious self-sustaining transformation is possible.  She embodies effortlessness in all levels, which can expand the individual, their families, and communities at large. 

Jaque is available to offer private yoga classes for individuals and for special groups, on site and off site. For any questions please contact Jaque at:

Work (717) 724-7727
Cell (717) 448-1281