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Jennifer Daggs

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A self proclaimed life-long artist, Jennifer Daggs has been creating things with her hands for as long as she can remember.  She started selling her artwork when she was in elementary school.  Since then she has taken numerous courses in art and crafts over the years, including taking an Art Minor to go with her degree in English/Communications from Lebanon Valley College.  Now she specializes in stained glass jewelry, sculpture and mobiles in her home studio in New Cumberland.  In 2018 Jennifer launched her Creative Women’s Play Dates at Bee Present Wellness, offering monthly arts and crafts workshops. A newly Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach  Jennifer will be continuing to offer her Play Dates as well as a Mindful Crafting series and other workshops at Bee Present in 2019 and beyond.  

Jennifer started reading Tarot Cards at the age of 17. Initially self taught, she read for friends and family for a number of years.  When hired to read Tarot at the PA Renaissance Faire in 1991 she was given more formal training by another reader.  That year she did 100’s of readings for Faire patrons.  Over the years she has honed her skills, intuition and understanding of metaphysical energies including energy work through two-nine month Beehive Mystery Schools at Bee Present Wellness in addition to other workshops, books and trainings.

 Jennifer now offers unique customized Energetic Art Sessions. Using her talents as an energy worker, tarot reader and artist combined to create one of kind personal sessions. For more information please check the Services tab.

For a private appoint to visit Jennifer’s showroom at the Beehive or to order a special and one of a kind Stained Glass Jewelry, or artwork please contact Jennifer at

Jennifer is also leading a Facebook creative group under the Bee Present Wellness business page called The Inspired & Buzzy Cell; for amazing and stimulating links, blogs and more check it out!