Kelly Marsico

Kelly Marsico, an organic farmer, herbalist and yoga teacher, is a devotee to the sacred beauty in all things. As a child she received natural lessons in the creek, forests and fields.  She was so inspired by the beauty and wisdom of nature that she pursued formal education in horticulture, international agriculture and permaculture as a young adult receiving a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University. It was also at this time that Kelly was introduced to yoga. As yoga provided such an inner joy and peace in her own life. she desired to guide others to explore that vast potential of their own hearts and minds through the practice and thus become certified in Hatha, Vinyasa and Yoga Nidra. Kelly has also continued her studies of plants, farming and herbalism through internships on farms and classes with notable herbalists.  In an effort to live a more simple and meaningful life harmonious with her beliefs and passions, Kelly started her own organic farm and homestead.  Mariflora is a tiny farm nestled on the Blue Mountain in the Appalachians overlooking the Susquehanna River.  At Mariflora Kelly desires to support others on their own healing path by providing organically grown or sustainably wildcrafted medicinal plants and sharing workshops on homesteading, yoga and Shamanic herbalism. 

Kelly’s journey with yoga started over twenty years ago while attending college.  Scrimping together pennies to take a class here and there, she finally got smart and made kind suggestions to family that a ten class yoga pass would be a great gift idea for birthdays or holidays. A seed was planted and although over the years she was not practicing consistently at a studio due to being a busy mom of three very active children, the love of yoga was always there and germinating. Noticing that yoga was always her go-to when difficulties in her life arose, she got smart again and decided that she didn’t want to just feel good in times of trouble, but all the time. This was truly a life changing decision. Developing a daily practice at home, taking classes occasionally at local studios and enrolling in teacher training the seed matured, sprouted and bloomed.

Kelly added to her yoga repertoire, by getting a certification in Yoga Nidra from the school of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra as taught by Jennifer Reis whose framework is based upon Swami Satyananda Saraswati of the Bihar School of India, Kripalu Yoga and Integrative Yoga Therapy. 

As yoga has provided such an inner joy and peace in her own life, in teaching she wishes to guide others to explore the vast potential of their own hearts and minds by emphasizing the transformative and therapeutic aspects of yoga both on and off the mat. She firmly believes that yoga is for everyone and that each has their own perfect and beautiful practice no matter where they are on their yogic journey.

When not practicing or studying yoga, her favorite pastime is spending time with family and friends especially when spontaneous dance parties erupt. She also enjoys knitting, paper arts, painting, journaling, gardening, cooking healthy foods, travel, and caring for her beloved quails.