The Aquarian Teacher
KRI Teacher Training Program

At Bee Present Wellness
309 Third St. New Cumberland PA 17070


The Aquarian Teacher Coarse is KRI Level 1 Certification program in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Through this transformational nine month process you will gain an understanding of the basics of the science of Kundalini Yoga and develop the skills to instruct students in Kundalini Yoga Postures, Kriyas and Meditations, Yogic Philosophy & and the Origin of Kundalini Yoga, Yogic and Western Anatomy, Humanology and the Yogic Life Style, the Role of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and Practicum Teaching. Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga, arrived in the United States in 1968 with a stated purpose: "I have come to create teachers, not to gather disciples."  The Aquarian Teacher Program has trained thousands KRI Certified  Kundalini Yoga Teachers who are spreading The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan worldwide.

As of now we don’t have any schedule Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training here at the Beehive. For inquiry please reach out to Siri Neel in the below email address. She teaches it and other advanced courses in different locations and states. Sat Nam!🙏🏽

About the Instructor:
Your coarse will be primarily taught by Siri Neel Kaur Khalsa who has began practicing Kundalini Yoga since 1968, After meeting Yogi Bhahan in 1970, she followed his advise to open a center here in South Central Pennsylvania.  Since that time she has taught thousands of people of all ages the science of Kundalini Yoga. She is a gifted holistic healer and counselor. She now resides in northern New Mexico. Other qualified guest trainers from around the country will bring their expertise to the training from around the country. 

The tuition covers all of the classroom hours, including vegetarian snacks, required books, guests speakers' fees and association dues. Transportation and lodging are not included. Within the year students are required to attend 20 Kundalini Yoga classes taught by certified instructors and a one day White Tantra Yoga coarse. Cost for this class is extra. There is a reduced rate for full payment. 

Contact: Siri Neel Kaur Khalsa at (505) 901-1349 or