Welcome to the Beehive!


It all started when…

Sat Nam Ji!

Thank you for being part of the Beehive Apprenticeship program. Our Mystery School graduates are proficient and eager to deepen their learning to serve you and our community. 

Please bee on time😉 Also please wear comfortable clothes, bring water to drink and a snack for after your session. You most likely will bee very relaxed afterwords! 🐝You will be filling out an intake form when you arrive. 

You may park on the street, beside or behind the building. Keep in mind that our parking lot is very busy. 309 Third St. New Cumberland (Enter in the back). You may also park in the Baughman Church parking lot and walk over to the studio. 

If you need to cancel for whatever reason please cancel through MassageBook ASAP, and in addition let us know by texting Jaque Hanson at (717) 448-1281, so that we may share your coveted time slot with someone else that may use it, and our apprentice shall have their client to work on. 

This is a FREE event, and we are grateful to receive donations💗 We are looking forward to your appointment!

Jaque and the Beehive Team🐝✨🙏🏽