Meet Traci Wood
The Unfolding Moment; Healer, Teacher, Facilitator, Coach

Traci lives and works in the spiritual rich Four Corners region of Southwest Colorado with her husband.  Her focus with her service is to invite individuals into a heart-centered experience, as well as encourage embodiment and presence. Traci's background is:

  • Gainesville School of Massage 1992
  • Hakomi Therapy (6 month training) - 1998
  • Barbara Brennan School of Healing - graduated 1999
  • Wilderness Therapy Programs 1986 - 2000
  • Awakening Into Presence Training 2006 
  • Tiospaye Transformational (3) Trainings - 2016
  • Usui Reiki 1 & 2 1992, Reiki Master 2015
  • Currently participating intensive coaching/trainer program Elevate based out of Seattle WA 

Like you Traci is a life-long learner!  Exploring the deep reaches inside Self and continually allowing for a greater heart connection to emerge with all, is her passion. Staying present moment-to-moment to what unfolds. Keeping a beginners mind even when not a beginner - relating to life as it is right now is key!

Traci's trademark - "Walking into the unknown with participants and clients noticing what they notice, and staying present in the body!"    (970) 560-2327