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 Pedro Antonetty was born in Puerto Rico, raised in North Philadelphia, & now lives in Harrisburg, Pa.  He is a multi-ethnic hand percussion performing artist.  Pedro always loved percussion and drums, and his musical journey started in 2001 at age 31 – started buying instruments and learning to play them:  It started with Latin percussion, and Middle Eastern Percussion followed by West African Percussion, then Northeastern Brazilian Percussion, and finally Flamenco / Cajon percussion.  Pedro has played with different groups and bands in Philadelphia and currently work with a Latin Fusion Band, a Brazilian Band, and plays Flamenco music.  He has conducted West African, Latin, and Brazilian workshops for Schools and Community Programs since 2005. He has worked with the Elderly in the Senior Citizen's Center Circles bringing music to our previous generations.  He has organized and conducted Therapeutic Drum Circles at the American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge in Hershey since 2010 and with the underserved Youth and Children in Philadelphia (from 2003 - 2009) and in Harrisburg, York, and Lancaster areas since 2011.

Pedro has played in many clubs, festivals, private, public, and Corporate events. He has also recorded studio projects with several bands throughout the years and have worked on personal / private recording projects since 2005.  Pedro loves all kinds of music;  he used to DJ back in the 80’s and has worked as a sound technician in Philadelphia (for 15 years) and still do here – so he brings his main trained instrument – HIS EARS – to every event and every musical opportunity.

 Pedro doesn't consider himself to be a master drummer or percussionist, but he does consider himself to be a passionate performing artist that loves to learn and share "the goodies" with others – to motivate and encourage others to search for, and find their gifts and talents, and follow their passions and dreams, and enjoy the journey along the way.  

 “No one can take your education away from you . . . I heard someone say once."