Tuesday February 23, 2016

6-8:30 pm

In this workshop Jaque will be your guide to an insightful journey that will allow you to receive a different Power Animal per chakra. 

. You will discover what Power Animals are and how having a relationship with YOUR Power Animal can unlock extra potential in your life!

Your journey through the Chakras will begin after a relaxing travels will start with a heavenly relaxation exercise aimed at getting you into the right frame of mind, body and soul to embark on your journey. From there Allison will begin drumming and guide you to embrace your Power Animal. 

After your journey is complete, there will be a group share in a supportive and non-judgement atmosphere to lovingly process each participant's experience. Subsequently Allison will teach you ways to initiate and preserve your newly formed relationship with your Power Animal, how to honor your Power Animal and it's qualities within you. Light refreshments will be provided.  

You will be laying down on the floor for about 30 minutes. We have blankets and cushions or feel free to bring your own so that you are super comfortable!  Please bring a journal and pen. 

Investment: $15 cash or check please! 

Allison is also available for 60 min private Power Animal Journeys. She has been attending the 9 month Bee Present Spiritual Training. We hope to see you there!