Naturally empathic and compassionate, Rachel has a passion for helping others. 

Since childhood, Rachel has had the ability to see auric energy around many forms of life including nature and humans. It wasn't until 2008 that she became aware that this is not the norm for most people. When she figured out that this form of clairvoyance is somewhat of a gift, she started out on a slow but personal journey to figure out how she can benefit others by her rarer insight. 

Her path took her into Reiki, and she has been a certified Reiki Master since 2012. Learning to work with energy in this way, opened up her natural intuitive abilities, as well. It wasn't long until the energy she was naturally seeing began taking on a much clearer picture in the form of visions. 

Rachel soon learned that the "things" she was seeing as she would be working with Reiki clients were actual insights into their lives, and mostly about aspects that her clients were most emotional about or dedicated to. This was most beneficial when it came to addressing major concerns for those that would seek her out for help. 

In a most natural way, her clairvoyant abilities, coupled with her intuition, developed into her being able to read people without needing to perform Reiki on them. She began professional Angel Card Readings in the late summer of 2013. Since then, she has been practicing and perfecting her gift. 

Her readings are centered around bringing forth personal healing messages and guidance for her clients. Confirmation for stirring questions they might have, as well, also seems to be what naturally comes through during a session. 

With a heart centered in servitude and compassion, Rachel is looking forward to working with you!

Rachel is the founder and owner of Lux Convergence in Camp Hill.