Kelly Marsico and Jaque Hanson will partner to create a special cocoon of Restoration and Relaxation just for YOU! This deeply restorative and healing session will open you to rebuild your over tired and stressed out system to Greatness! 

Kelly's soothing voice via Yoga Nidra will take you places you deserve to travel to. As your body gently receives the combination of Energy Work and essential oils from Jaque's hands you may feel life never before... Nirvana is a step closer!

As a nurse Kelly recognizes the need to sooth the human heart. She has tremendous care in delivering carefully thought out yoga classes to deliver optimum relaxation and gentle stretching.

 Jaque has been studying different healing modalities for over 13 years. She continues to learn and deepen her understanding of Energy Work. She has been focusing for the past five years her studies with three teachers from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing that reside in Colorado. 

These two women will be honored to hold you so that you may bask in healing energies. 

Investment: $35