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Sean Gross

Sean is a Shamanic practitioner and guide through our shadow selves, using universal energies such as Reiki, Shamanic energy work, sound vibration, massage (Sean is almost finished with Massage Therapy school!) and Earth energies. Sean uses these modalities, as well as others, to help guide himself, and others, to empowerment by working with, through and breaking down, internal obstacles and blockages, in mind, body and spirit, that impede our growth, willingness to surrender and reaching our highest potential.

At the end of 2010, after realizing that life had become a series of repeating the same life lessons over and over again, in new and self destructive ways, which led to a downward spiral and hitting of rock bottom in finances, family, friends and intimate relationships, Sean set out on the path of self healing. This journey led him to the most awesome of therapist that prescribed grass roots festivals. Seeing all of the community, love, compassion, acceptance & understanding, Sean immediately realized that there was so much more to life, what the world can be, the connection of all & compassionate love. Wanting to experience and to become more, Sean turned to such teachings as Christianity & Buddhism. In the middle of 2016, life took another turn, Sean was introduced to Reiki, Tantra & Shamanism. Life would never been same. These teachings soon unfolded and carried him to the feet of such teachers as Dr. Barnaby Ruhe, Jaque Hanson, Mehtab Benton, and now, the wonderful instructors at HACC Masage Therapy.

Now, after a year of practicing Shamanism, learning the art of Shamanic Journeys, becoming a certified a gong practitioner, a graduate of Jaque Hanson's Shamanic Reiki, along with being a 10 month participant/graduate of Jaque's Mystery School and beginning studies at HACC School of Massage Therapy, Sean now brings these holistic healing modalities, full heart surrender, love of gongs, and the joys of embracing the fun and innocence of our inner child to friends, family and the collective. Gong on!!!