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Shamanic Usui Reiki Master Level

This Reiki level is all about Mastery! It is offered to select practitioners who would like to become Reiki Masters, having the ability to teach others Reiki and initiate individuals into all levels of the Reiki system of natural healing. Reiki Level III represents a significant shift in the practitioner’s journey as he/she commits to helping others learn how to channel healing energy. Reiki Level III brings to the practitioner greater awareness and empowerment in many levels of life and provides a spiritual mission to spread healing through Reiki.


Topics covered in Reiki Master Training:

  •  Introduction to Reiki Master & General Guidelines
  • Level I information: How to teach Level I & initiate others into Level I Reiki energy
  • Common concerns/questions with regard to Level I Reiki
  • How to structure a Level I Reiki course
  • Level II information: How to teach Level II & initiate others into Level II Reiki energy
  • Attunements into Levels I and II (as needed)
  • Common concerns/questions with regard to Level II Reiki
  • How to structure a Level II Reiki course
  • Advanced information regarding performing Reiki healing sessions
  • Advanced information regarding the chakra system
  • Level III information: How to teach Level III & initiate others into Reiki Mastership energy
  • Mastership symbol--practice drawing and applying symbols
  • Deep discutions about the meaning of mastoring oneself
  • Reiki Mastership Initiation/Attunement
  • Common concerns/questions with regard to Level III Reiki Master
  •  How to structure a Level III Reiki Mastership course
  • Practice performing attunements at all levels
  • Manifestation techniques and general metaphysical principles that support Reiki
  • Building a Practice as a Reiki Master

Reiki Level III includes a Reiki Level III Manual and certification. Students are empowered to teach & initiate others into Reiki and to build a Reiki practice directly following this class. A Bee Present Apprenticeship is available with ongoing further support provided for new Reiki Masters by Jaque Hanson.


Investment: $414 via cash or check. Payment arrangements can be made via PayPal.
Please text or call Jaque to register at (717) 448-1281. No drop-ins please!