Friday & Saturday February 12 & 13, 2016

This line up will open up the opportunity to create a wildly fun time for the inner child to come out and play as we create community in a rich and loving environment:


Candle Light Yoga Dance Party

6-7 pm with Jaque Hanson

Fee: $15

This fun exploration of gentle, playful and relaxing yoga dance poses with great music and sound system will invite exploration as spicy essential oils flow into the dancing moves. 


Community Potluck

7-8 pm 

Please bring a generous portion of your favorite foods that are healthy and delicious! Deserts are VERY welcome as well as savory foods, and different non-alcoholic beverages. We will provide hot tea, plates and cups. 


Kirtan Concert & Gong Bath

8-9 pm with Jaque Hanson

Fee: $15

This healing and loving session will regenerate you, heart and soul! The extended Gong Bath will relax every part of you to infinity and back, setting the stage for the next program.


Yoga Nidra: Unconditional Self~LOVE

9-10 pm with Kelly Marsico

Fee: $15

Kelly's soothing and caring voice will transport you in the most soothing and loving way to the depths of contentment! This specially designed session will be The Perfect segway to our community sleep over. 


If You Choose To Attend one event it's $15, two is $25.  All 3 Of The Above Events We Have A Special Offer Of Only $35 Instead Of $45!


Community Sleep Over

10-4 am 


This will be a deeply restorative and relaxing environment where we will provide a safe space to slumber together. Bring your toothbrush, sleeping bag, pillow, air mattress and get ready to bliss! 


Early Morning Sadhana

4:30-7 am with Kundalini Teachers

Fee: Loving Donations greatly appreciated  

This is a combination of Aquarian age chants, yoga and meditations to prepare us to be centered and elevate us to the highest state of being, for these tumultuous modern times. A true invitation to experience our own Radiance and Empowerment. All levels are welcome!


 Breakfast Potluck

7-9 am 

Please bring a generous portion of your favorite breakfast/brunch dishes that are healthy and delicious! We will provide hot tea, plates and cups. 


DIY Valentines Love Potion with Essential Oils

10-11 am with Jaque Hanson

Purchase: $20 per rollerball

This fun and enjoyable workshop is designed to create your own blend to sooth your soul and entice your senses!