William Padilla-Brown

William Padilla-Brown is an Urban Shaman, Citizen Scientist, Poet, Mycologist, Amateur Phycologist, and a Certified Permaculture designer.

William has spent most of his life traveling the world, stopping at such places as The Pyramid of the Sun, Olmec Ruins in Villahermosa and Campeche Mexico, England, France, Taiwan, and various States on the East and West coast of Northern America. He has run a non-profit in New Cumberland called Community Compassion since 2013 focusing on Radical Sustainability. He has educated children and adults on topics varying from Mushroom Cultivation to Nutrition via. various workshops and programs. William dropped out of High School at age 16 and has since been perusing a Non-traditional Independent approach to his Higher Education actively promoting alternative education options.

 William received a certification in Permaculture from Susquehanna Permaculture, and NGOZI, Studies Noetics via Academy for Future Science, and Alex and Allyson Grey's Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, and Mycology via various North American courses and Workshops.