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Craft & Personalize 1 Gallon of Mead

  • Bee Present Wellness 309 3rd Street New Cumberland, PA, 17070 United States (map)
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Friday July 20, 2018
6 - 9 PM

Our Beehive is buzzzzing with joy for this phenomenal offering by a gifted Plant Medicine woman with the sweetest heart! Are you curious and as excited as we are?

Join Erica Jo Shaffer to craft a personalized gallon of Mead (Honey Wine) aka Ambrosia, made as a sacred ceremony, full of intentions and bee/flower/spice magic! Are you intrigued yet?

Believed by many to be the oldest fermented beverage! Mead is made by mixing honey, water and yeast, patiently waiting for it to age grace-fully, and serving proudly in your best wine glasses! The Ancient Greeks believed it was delivered by bees, messengers of the Gods, considered a very magical and sacred beverage. Some cultures whispered of it being dew from heaven, gathered by bees. The Celts speak of a mystical River of Mead which runs through Paradise. Who wouldn't want a sip of that?! As wine made from more available grapes flourished, Mead quietly shifted into the Temples, used in Sacred Rites and Ceremonies. In England, they became part of the Medicine Woman's secrets, as they mixed Mead with herbs, thus producing Metheglin, from the Welsh word "medcyglin', which means "medicine."

**Note: The first 5 folks who sign up are guaranteed sacred Water that is charged and Reiki’d during the Super Blood Blue Lunar Eclipse Moon from January!!


Part I – Friday July 20, 6-9 PM

During this Part I buzz into the Beehive, we will start to introduce yeast to a batch of local superb wildflower honey and spring water.


What do you get to sweetly receive?!

  • Learn the rich and sacred history of Spiced Mead (Metheglin)
  • Included: plastic started container, glass gallon jug, air lock (We hope you may bee inspired to use this equipment to create more Ambrosia batches in your own Beehive!)
  • Choose from a variety of the highest quality herbs and spices from the Spice Bar
  • Organic home grown roses will be available for your mead bar!
  • Set intentions into the super high quality and delicious local honey, as it is warmed, scenting the air with the fragrance of heaven
  • Experience and participate in a Bee Sound Circle communing with the Elixir of the Gods to farther infuse your own essence into it, and what you are willing to receive from it’s medicine


Part II – TBA, 7-8 PM

In Part II we shall rack/transform our Honey Brew into a glass jug so it may enter it’s own quiet meditation. Finally emerging from an 11 month slumber, with the delicious knowing of hive mind wisdom and colored a luminous light amber color. You may choose to drink your mead sooner, or wait for 11 to 12 moths for a smooth experience! 

Investment: $222. Space is limited!