Studio Policies
Bee Present Wellness is located at 309 Third St. New Cumberland PA.   Please use the rear entrance to come in to the main studio.  For all classes held in the Second floor studio, please use the front door Third St.  entrance. 

Free parking is available on Third Street as well as limited space in the parking lot behind the studio.

Entering the Studio
Please enter our new first floor studio from the entrance at the rear of the building.  Please enter quietly, and remove your shoes to honor this sacred space. There are times when Massage/healing work may be in session, so please use a soft voice and silence your cell phone. You may place your personal belongings on shelves but Bee Present and Wellness is not responsible for the damage or loss of items.  We encourage you to take anything of value in to the studio with you as the main door remains unlocked during classes.

Class Cancellations & Substitute Teachers
Our studio reserves the right to arrange for a qualified substitute teacher as needed or to cancel classes due to inclement weather or staff emergencies. 
Any class cancellation will be denoted on our website, our Facebook page and main entrance door. Any workshops or massage sessions that required pre-payment will be fully refunded to you if cancelled.

Purchased class passes cannot be refunded. Workshops that have been pre-paid cannot be refunded unless given 48 hours notice. To cancel scheduled private classes, massages or any other private sessions at least 24 hours notice in advance or 50% of the payment is required.