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Aromatouch Essential Oil Bodywork Treatment

This clinical approach to essential oil application is a power, accessible way for everyone to experience the beneficial qualities of dōTERRA CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) essential oils. There are four systemic constants that most often impair homeostasis: stress, toxic insult, inflammatory response and autonomic imbalance. 

 In this blissful protocol Stress Management, Immune Support, Inflammatory Response and Homeostasis will be addressed in this order, combining four essential oils and four blends: Balance, Lavender, Melaleuca, Onguard, Aromatouch, Deep Blue, Wild Orange and Peppermint. 

With Balance and Lavender you get to initiate stress management. Malaleuca and Onguard delivers immune support. Inflammatory response is delivered next with AromaTouch and Deep Blue. Wild Orange and Peppermint brings you to homeostasis and seals the therapeutic treatment. 

A hot moist towel is applied to the back after the treatment which will allow you to melt away. 

60 min ~ $85

Cash or check. Payment arrangements can be made via PayPal.

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