The Very Center of Your Heart is Where Life Begins, the Most Beautiful Place on Earth ~ Rumi

We are in charming 309 Third St., New Cumberland in Pennsylvania

We offer 30 days for $40 Yoga Intro Special!

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Familiarize yourself with our studio at 309 Third St. in charming New Cumberland PA 17070, and yoga class offering by signing up for our 30 days for $40 Yoga Intro Special

What Is a Mystery School?

A Mystery School is a very special experience that allows each participant to deeply open up to his or her own mystery. What does that mean? The challenges of everyday life take us to places far away from out own divine essence. Our gifts are submerged. This nine month gestation time is geared toward remembering what is inside of you already! The various practices available will take you home to your own divinity as you unfold your own mystery in a compassionate manner. The 9 full weekend attendance is mandatory

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Please make an appoint with Jaque Hanson to discuss your interest at or text at (717) 448-1281.


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