Donna Grimwood

Donna’s interest in Yoga started 25 years ago when she started going to Power Yoga classes (Ashtanga) looking for a practice to calm the mind & tone the body. Then in 2004 she read about Kundalini Yoga & practiced on her own until she found a class in New Cumberland. After one class with a certified instructor she knew this was the Yoga practice to balance her life. Donna felt it was life changing. A practice that was and is a complete experience for the mind, body & spirit. The fire was lit! Wanting to know more she took teacher training with Siri Neel Kaur, as taught by Yogi Bhajan,  and was certified by the KRI & became a member of the IKYTA . She had no intentions of being an instructor but her passion became to share the experience with others in her age group or approaching her age.

Now in her 70’s she offers a Kundalini Yoga class for 60 & above. We call it Ya Ya Yoga. Ya Ya means Grandmother but men are also welcome!  This gentle class to help you age more gracefully, stay flexible and improve your well being is invigorating. Even at her age she still plans to continue to work for more certifications to deepen her knowledge- “we are all students & can always learn more to deepen our practice”

Donna’s Philosophy – We do not need to age like our parents! Kundalini Yoga is for Every “Body” and Every “Age.”

Donna invites you to her class to share the experience & walk away with a feeling of grace, fluidity, inner & outer radiance.

More information onDonna's classes: 796-1137