Beehive Mystery School Training

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What Is a Mystery School?

A Mystery School is a very special experience that allows each participant to deeply open up to his or her own mystery. What does that mean? The challenges of everyday life take us to places far away from out own divine essence. Our gifts are submerged. This nine month gestation time is geared toward remembering what is inside of you already! The various practices available will take you home to your own divinity as you unfold your own mystery in a compassionate manner. 

How Many Times Do We Gather?

There are nine wondrous full weekends with many amazing experiences! You must clear your calendar for all of the weekends within the nine months. 100% attendance is crucial for your spiritual development. 

Do I Need to Have Any Trainings, Esoteric Knowledge or Any Other Prerequisite? 

Absolutely not! You will have the opportunity to learn a lot of different modalities, techniques and plenty of exercises that will allow you to create a multitude of personal spiritual practices that will work for you. This spiritual development exploration may enhance your religion and original spiritual aspirations. We get to explore and celebrate many different multicultural traditions. 

Is The Beehive Only For Women?

We embrace men and women! It is about embracing Sisterhood and brotherhood. We all  have a feminine aspect as well as a masculine one. Healing and embracing both is imperative for our overall evolution. The community in the beehive is very amazing, loving, motivating and encouraging of each other. You will automatically bee part of a community of like minded people that may understand and support you in your aspirations. 

Will There Bee Healing For Myself During The Beehive Mystery School Training? 

Absolutely! There will be processes of purification and grounding via the esoteric arts, yoga and Pranayama practices, as well as ceremonies and rituals. Also practices with classmates to enhance your personal expansion as well as the understanding of how to hone healing and evolutionary energies. 

There is a tremendous opportunity for personal development deeply elevating your Self-esteem, so that you may courageously show up for yourSelf as you honor your ancestors as you become the New You. This will in exchange shift your relationship with your higher Self, everybody and everything in your life. 

What Kind of Practices Will I Learn?

There will bee transformative practices using Spiritual Principals, Numerology, Alchemical Prayer, Advanced Energy Work, Ceremonial Arts, Esoteric practices and much more. 

Will I Receive a Certification? 

There are two kinds of certifications in the Beehive Mystery School. One is the Participation Certificate, and the other is the Practitioner Certificate. To become a Beehive Practitioner you must complete and excel in various assignments in a timely manner. The certificate itself has been lovingly crafted from original artwork specially hand drawn and painted for the Beehive! Truly worthy of being displayed for the achievements, with fulfillment and grace for all of your nine month's work!

Is there any kind of physical exercise in the Mystery School?

Jaque is a Kundalini E-RYT, an experienced registered yoga teacher. Her expertise is Stress Management Yoga and Yoga for Recovery. You will receive handouts monthly with many ways and ideas in which to create your own short or long home practices, and tailor them to your own needs. They will assist you to initiate meditation, pranayama (breathwork) and yoga practices. These methodologies will help you to allow the physical body to expand, and to farther anchor the energy shifts and growth that you will be creating in your life. These are not mandatory. All levels of fitness and experience will be considered so that you may learn as little or as much as you wish. 

What is The Location of The Mystery School? 

For the most part we will be gathering in the Bee Present Wellness studio and the Lakshmi studio, located at 309 Third St. New Cumberland in PA. There will be many outdoor locations for various different amazing practices as well, like the New Cumberland Park surrounded by the Yellow Breeches Creek, there are two near by Labyrinths, the Susquehanna River and Highpoint.  

What Tradition Does The Beehive Mystery School Follow? 

This is a super fun and multicultural training. Jaque has been blessed with phenomenal teachers from many traditions and cultures. Her trainings have taken her across United States, Europe and South America. You get to benefit from all of the years of transcending and deep teachings as she lovingly crafts this nine months in which you may rebirth yourSelf. For more information on Jaque's experience please click below. 


Beehive Mystery School Overview:

  • Lovingly recognize negative patterns and shift them into healthy inner dynamics creating positivity in all areas of your life.

  • A non-judgmental 9 month cocoon to explore a personal, initiatory and transformative rebirthing.

  • Embrace sisterhood and brotherhood like you have never felt before.

  • Step organically into leadership role.

  • Heal from challenging family dynamics.

  • Learn energy healing modalities.

  • Explore and heal deep identity wounds and transcend them into your gifts.

  • Shift inner communication potently.

  • Yoga and meditation for all levels to support physical and emotional healing.

  • Monthly group call/meeting for checkin in, support and prayer.

  • Monthly exploration of amazing self-help, and beyond book readings and discussions, that will enhance and deepen self exploration and support your growth.

  • Outdoor time in nature for different practices.


Below is a sample of the dates and times. As of now we don’t have any new dates for this training. If you have any interest in the Beehive Mystery School contact

 2018 Beehive Mystery School Training Dates:

2018 Beehive Mystery School Training Dates:

1) March 2, 3 & 4th (Sunday 8-5 PM)
2) March/April 30, 31 & 1st
3) April 27, 28 & 29th
4) May 18, 19 & 20th
5) June/July 29, 30 & 1st
6) July 27, 28 & 29th
7) August 24, 25 & 26th

8) September 7, 8 & 9th
8.a) Review Day September 15 & 16th
9) October Graduation Weekend & Retreat in Virginia 19, 20 & 21st

All weekends will start on Fridays 6 - 9 pm, Saturday 9 - 9 pm & Sundays 9 - 5 pm. Full attendance is a must for this training.