Workshop Submission Form

Thank you for collaborating with us at the Beehive to provide quality spiritual and educational programs to our beeloved community! We are committed to co-creating a successful workshop/training/special class with you and promoting it to the best of our ability. In order to do this, please fill out this form completely and follow these guidelines for an exciting and eloquent experience for the readers/attendees.

Guidelines to Success:
1.     Submit a current headshot of yourself if it applies, in JPG or PNG  format to
2.     If you have a photo for the event it needs to be a high-quality photo in JPG or PNG  format to If you don’t have one our buzzing team will provide a quality stock photo that shall enhance your offering
3.     Email this completed form 6 ½ to 8 weeks before the program date to our buzzing team at
4.     You will receive 70% of everything that comes in from attendees. The studio will keep 30%
5.     If you have any products for sale we ask for 10% of the sales

Please send us ONE email with ALL of the above information. After we create the event, we will send you an email with the direct link to the workshop listed on our website if you wish.

On our end, we will add your program to our:
A. Website
B.  Newsletters
C. Facebook
D. Twitter
E. Meetup Group

As we co-create this successful opportunity to serve folks in need of your knowledge and passion for your subject matter, we would like to partner with you in making this a win win for all involved. How?! By sharing your awesome program! How?

o   By posting once a week in the different venues you participate in
o   By sharing a Live Video on Facebook or YouTube Live about how excited you are to serve the Beehive/community
o   By sharing via text the potential results folks will benefit from as you share again every week (“You may receive/experience…” We never guaranty, we only offer possibilities!)
o   If you know students that have benefited from your work ask them if they may post a little about the program without giving it away. They may be happy to share their wins and celebrate your work.

Teacher/Facilitator Name & Tittle/Credentials (ie RYT, Holistic Health Coach, etc) *
Teacher/Facilitator Name & Tittle/Credentials (ie RYT, Holistic Health Coach, etc)