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'M' Technique Massage Training for Professionals & Caregivers

We are postponing this event for a few weeks! Linda is recovering from some medical complications. Thank you for your patience! 

Join Linda Weihbrecht for a 'M' Technique training and certification. The 'M' Technique is perfect tool professionals and/or caregivers of people with anxiety, chronic illness, dementia, intellectual and developmental disabilities or anyone that needs total relaxation. It may be used with or without complementary aromatherapy. There are 4 CEU for nurses and massage therapist available. Also there is an optional DVD available for purchase. 

The 'M' Technique is a method of structured touch. Each movement and sequence is done a set number of times, in a set pattern, at a set pressure and set speed that never change. This makes it extremely easy to learn. And, because the technique is completely choreographed it is completely reproducible and therefore useful in research.

The 'M' Technique works on skin receptors that send signals to the brain. The technique has been described as physical hypnotherapy, ‘a kind of meditation’ and a 'spiritual dance'. The ‘M’ technique is suitable for the very fragile, critically ill or actively dying patient, or when someone is just very stressed or when the giver is not trained in massage. The ‘M’ is effective on skin or through thin clothing.

It is also suitable for those who would like to touch a loved one but are not trained in massage. Anyone can learn the ‘M’ Technique – it is suitable for caregivers, family members, volunteers, patient ambassadors and friends as well as nurses and other health professionals.

Touch is one of the basic forms of communications, yet many of us may be apprehensive to touch those who need it most. The ‘M’ technique is simple to learn. It is like a choreographed dance. The 'M' technique is different from massage and can be learned in a weekend.

Investment: $100 by 9/22, After $125