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New Year New YOU! Emotional Freedom

Tuesday January 17, 2017
6:30 - 8 pm

*Featuring on Console and Forgive Essential Oil Blends

The gentle spirit of Martin Luther King Jr is the inspiration for this workshop focusing on the aspects of Conflict Resolution and Forgiveness.  Are there old conflicts in your life that you are carrying forward into 2017 for no reason?  Perhaps a wound from your past is making it difficult for you to follow the path of your highest alignment.  In this workshop we will focus on cutting the cords of all that binds us and resolving conflict in our lives through Shamanic Journeying.  You will be anointed with oils and then led through a gentle relaxation exercise. When the journey starts, the gentle sounds of drumming and rattling will induce a Shamanic State of Consciousness, where you can meet with your highest self and gain insight that will help resolve conflict and cut cords.  When the journey is complete, we will discuss the tools you can use throughout the year to clear yourself spiritually.  

Investment: $15, cash or check for drop in please!