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Power Animal Workshop & Shamanic Journey

Sunday February 5, 2017
1 - 3 pm

In this workshop, Marie Graham will be facilitating a Shamanic journey that will guide you to YOUR Power Animal. You will discover what Power Animals are and how having a relationship with YOUR Power Animal can unlock extra potential in your life! After your journey is complete, we will share as a group what we experienced during our journey (if you are so inclined). Marie will then teach you ways to preserve your relationship with your Power Animal and how to honor your Power Animal.

If you have never been on a Shamanic journey, here is what you can expect: The experience will start with a heavenly relaxation exercise that will begin the process of shifting you from a regular state of consciousness to a Shamanic state of consciousness. From there, she will begin drumming while simultaneously verbally guiding you on your journey to find your Power Animal. The drumming is what will complete the shift into a altered state of consciousness and bring you to the realm where you will be able to make contact with your power animal. The drumming, along with guided visualization, will continue for 15-20 minutes, at which point Marie will call you back to this plane. You will return refreshed, grounded, and motivated to take on life's challenges! More importantly, you will return with important insight into your life that you otherwise would not have discovered. 

You will be laying on the ground for about 40 minutes, so please bring whatever you need to feel comfortable-blankets, pillows, sleeping bags-whatever you need! You also may find it useful to bring a notepad and pen.

Well behaved children are welcome!

The last Power Animal Journey was a great success! Completing the Power Animal Shamanic Journey gave the participants time to look at their lives and make important decisions that immediately  lead to increased happiness for them and , that over time, will lead to much healthier lives. 

Investment: $25. Drop in cash or check please. 

Earlier Event: February 3
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