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Healing The Waters Blessing and Journey

Sunday March 5, 2017
10 - 12 pm

Com join Adhi as she facilitates a healing water ceremony and journey to the element of water and the oceans. Using the rattle and drum Adhi will create with sound and song a transformative experience into the water of the Earth and open participants up to the creative and healing medicine that is water. Bring a bottle of water and note book.

Love Offering: Sugested donation $25

Meet Adhi!
Adhi Moonien Two Owls is a trained Shaman and healer. Her formal background is in fine art. Her area of study was painting, sculpture and eventually moving into Mixed Media. Adhi studied at the Kansas City Art Institute in Kansas City Missouri.
Adhi received her Doctorate in Therapeutic Counseling From the Open University of Alternative Healing Sri Lanka in 2013.
Other areas of study include the earth and natural sciences, Physics and Astronomy. Esoteric studies include: Tibetan Buddhism and its related meditation practices, Western Spiritual practices and the causes of Magick and Alchemy, Qi Gong and meditation and Chinese medicine, Sacred Geometry, Egyptian Biogeometry, Radiesthesia (vibrational dowsing), Medical Radiesthesia, and Map Dowsing for water and minerals.
Adhi has spend the last 20 years studying the design, function and uses of Sacred objects as they are found all over the world. She uses these ancient sciences and designs to develop contemporary objects that meet the needs of today’s community and energy challenges.
Adhi is a faculty member of the International Institute of Integral Humans Science in Montreal where she offers course several times a year and is a speaker at their annual international conference.
Adhi facilitates workshops on a variety of creative and spiritual subjects. She lectures on the scientific aspects of dowsing/radiesthesia, Shamanism and other esoteric practices. Adhi designs and invents products to help people navigate the energy patterns in their lives. She holds community Shaman study groups and healing circles.
Adhi has served a term as a Trustee board member for the American Society of Dowsers 2009-2013 and is currently serving as president until 2017.
Adhi’s professional vision is of building healthy communities grounded in the practical application of spiritual principles, creative experience/thought, and Scientific observation/exploration.
Adhi offers private sessions in person as well as remotely, and teaches all over the world.
Adhi Moonien Two Owls
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