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Be Your Masterpiece Now! Vast Ocean

Friday April 21, 2017 ~ 6 - 9 pm
Saturday 22, 2017 ~ 9 am - 6 pm
Sunday 23, 2017 ~ 9 am - 5 pm

Return to Essence/The Unfolding Moment bring their signature training series "Be Your Masterpiece Now" to the greater Harrisburg area! There are 3 individual trainings to the overall series; Open Meadow, Deep Woods and Vast Ocean. Each of the trainings carries a thread of 4 major components- Knowing your Essence, Nature Connection, Present Moment Living, Service by Being You. The trainings stand apart from each other as each is uniquely designed with different content. You can do any or all of the training series in any order- It’s up to you!

Open Meadow- Access your Essence and Vibrancy for Life (12 hours)
Deep Woods- Being at peace with anything life brings to me (16 hours)
Vast Ocean- Connection to all and sharing your gifts with the world (20 hours)

As your Trainers, we are here to support you in this Experiential Training and Journey into your Authentic Self. We are committed to the greatest Love, to our Participants and lasting change. It’s true- You have free will; and are the only one who can create lasting change in your life, but we have tools to facilitate your discovery back home into your Greatest Self. If reading this stirs something inside of you (no matter what that feeling might be), then this training series may be for you.

We all have sacred gifts that are unique. Most of us know this, but are not fully connected to them or living them. Like most of us; you get to remember the ultimate gift of Self Love! The great news is that when we recover our Authentic Selves, we get to be “Down to Earth”. We actually remain practical and have more loving access to important people and things in our lives. When we discover and live into our gifts, we are in a natural state of grace and ease. AND, this is the greatest service we can give to the world: Ourselves! Trust that your path is sacred; that you are Creator; that your mind is clear; that your heart is pure. Be Grand Be Curious Be Wise Be Honorable Be Humble Be Free for this is who you really are!

Trainers, Coaches, Master Healers: Ryan Borchers and Traci Wood bring to you this journey to embody a rich life. Unlock your potential to live a life of Joyful expression. During this 3 part training series you will learn how to access and utilize energy flows to create a deeper understanding of who you are. Although there are core components that are always covered, each session is different. These trainings are intuitively facilitated to match the unique individuals and groups who attend. These trainings provide a safe place where simple ideas, profound techniques and fun learning allow you to deepen, embody and practically live into the Masterpiece that you are! Live Your Dream Life!

Investment: $375 till 4/18. After $399. 

Meet Traci Wood
The Unfolding Moment; Healer, Teacher, Facilitator, Coach

Traci lives and works in the spiritual rich Four Corners region of Southwest Colorado with her husband.  Her focus with her service is to invite individuals into a heart-centered experience, as well as encourage embodiment and presence. 

Meet Ryan Borchers
 Intuitive Healer, Return to Essence; Master Coaching and Teacher

Ryan lives in the spiritually rich Four Corners region in Southwest Colorado and has a passion for nature and supporting people in heart centered living. Deeply in connection with Earth energies and the Cosmos, Ryan balances the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine within and offers this perspective through individual sessions and workshops in a practical and joyous way.

Later Event: April 21
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