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Under Spiritual Siege

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Tuesday May 9, 2017
7 - 9:30 pm

Is it possible for negative spiritual energies to affect our mental, physical and spiritual well being? The answer is YER! In this empowering presentation, William Stillman, Author of the book Under Spiritual Siege, will discuss how to discern such negative forces from those which are positive and loving. Stillman will facilitate an understanding of angels and demons, guardians and ghosts. He will also detail how attendees may aid in the clearing of negative energies attached to individuals and environments. Expect to:

  • Learn about angels, demons, guardians and ghosts
  • What heaven is like
  • Symptoms of a haunting
  • How to protect yourself and others

Investment: Early bird $30 till 5/5. After $35. 

Disclaimer: The information that William Stillman provides is subject to personal interpretation and does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advise. Each attendee is responsible for his or her own choices and actions. 

Meet William

Psychic medium William Stillman is internationally known, award-winning author of the Autism and the God Connection book trilogy that explores aspects of spiritual giftedness in many people with autism. These books encompass Autism and the God Connection, The Soul of Autism, and The Autism Prophecies. His book Conversations with Dogs: A Psychic Reveals What Our Canine Companions Have to Say (And How You Can Talk to Them Too!) was published in 2015. His latest book is Under Spiritual Siege, about spiritual warfare with negative energies.