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Enhancing Your Connection With Animals

Saturday June 24, 2017
1 - 4:30 pm

Have you ever wished you could understand and/or communicate with your pet? Have your dog, cat or bird been acting out? Do any of your pets have had any health issues and you wish you could understand it's needs, or learn how to communicate something that may help your pet feel better? Would you like to connect with your pet that has passed on? These are a few of the questions that pet communicators may help you with. Dawn Tule is an amazing animal lover, animal Reiki practitioner and animal communicator. 

In this fun and interactive Intro to Animal Communication workshop, you may:

  • Take your Love of Animals to another level
  • Strengthen your connection with your pets
  • Increase your understanding of animals and their roles in our lives
  • Receive a FREE mini Animal Communication session 

Investment: $50 by 6/21. After $59.

  **To participate in the mini session, you must e-mail a photo of your pet, along with 1 topic or question by June 20th  to Dawn Tule at

Meet Dawn

Dawn Tule's lifelong love for animals led her to begin a journey into animal communication in 2010 through the Animal Spirit Network. She feels fortunate to have met and trained with amazing teachers in ASN, Animal Reiki Alliance, and Brandenburg Horse and Dog Massage Therapy.