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Healing Chöd Ceremony

Thursday June 29, 2017
6:30 - 8 pm

The monks from the  Drepung Gomang Monestary from India will be returning to the Beehive with the delightful and restorative Healing Chöd Ceremony! 

Before the ceremony beggin, you will be instructed to lie down, nest comfortably and just be receptive. That’s it! No understanding required.  No thinking needed.  No meditation necessary. The best way is to remain awake, but some of you will be so tired from your emotional state or from overworking that you might fall asleep, and that’s okay.  The energy of the Chöd is still transmitted through the chants. You simply get to receive and recharge.

They will play drums, ring bells, blow horns, and chant from 50 pages of ancient liturgy.  The sounds and mantras will be pacifying discord. The Chöd is part of the monks daily meditation practice, emphasizing that the chants carry the power and blessings of loving-kindness from Buddha, the Enlightened One.

It’s called Healing Chöd, and it’s about as passive a healing process as you’ll ever encounter.  “Chöd” means “to cut,” “to release,” or “to go beyond” in Tibetan.  So what might this sacred ceremony help to release?  Anything from illness to suffering to karmic obstacles to spiritual growth.  “The main purpose is to overcome the root cause of all destructive emotions.”

Bring: Yoga mat, blankets, sleeping bags, pillow (s), eye pillow, and water to hydrate with. 

Investment: While there is never a charge for the teachings and blessings, a suggested donation of $25 would be greatly appreciated to support the monks of the Gaden Jangtee Monastery.