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Gong Journey & Meditation

Thursday  August 31, 2017
7:30 - 8:30 pm
Lakshmi Studio, 310 Bridge St. New Cumberland

The Beehive Mystery School Project Series presents the Gong Journey & Meditation - A Healing Vibrational Cleanse. As the veils thin messages become easier to receive. Come receive messages from Mother Earth, Guides and Creator through meditative sonic vibrations of the gongs. These ancient instruments, when played in rhythms, patterns and melodic tones, have the potential to help aid in cleansing, detoxification, relaxation, clearing of monkey mind, opening & aligning of chakras and working through blockages that hinder us in every day life, bringing about clarity, awareness & self healing.

No meditation experience is necessary. All you have to do is be able to lay back and relax in the comfort of your own nest.

Bring: Journal, water, in a spill proof container for hydration, bring your own yoga mat, sleeping bag, blankets and pillows, and even your bunny slippers!

Investment: Love Offering. Please register bellow!

Meet Sean
Through trials and tribulations, Sean has learned how to navigate the catacombs of the shadow realms and ego self. After starting the path of healing over 7 years ago, Sean has studied with such teachers as Jaque Hanson (Shamanic Priestess), Mehtab Benton (Gong Master) & Dr. Barnaby Ruhe (Journey Facilitator Extraordinaire), learning healing techniques and facilitating Shamanic Journeys. Sean now offers these healing modalities to friends, family and the public, offering guidance to help everyone find their true power and purest Self. With roots tied into Shamanism, Buddhism and Tantra, Sean is bound to have an offering for everyone. Sean has been contributing his gifts and heart to the Beehive Mystery School for the past 8 months.