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Paradigm Game Changer

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Sunday January 21, 2018
1 - 6 PM

Astrology meets Shamanism/Esoteric Arts with the sweetness of Aromatherapy! This workshop is a great gateway to get you to understand what the stars are telling you; your path and how you may create shifts, let go and embrace the 'New' with inspiration, hope and gusto! This Sunday the Moon will bee in Pisces! What does that mean?! The Moon is giving us a cosmic ticket into past lives wounds and gifts of our soul... Karmic work at hand!

Cathy Harner will begin with valuable insights about 2017 and before. It's challenges, lessons and gifts for your particular Sun Sign, Rising Sign and Moon, and the collective's. Most excitedly Cathy will also share the gifts and opportunities that 2018 and beyond may bring to the collective, and most importantly your way. Let's ride the cosmic wave of Empowerment, Purpose and Presence, and bee the embodiment of our own Radiance!

Jaque Hanson will ignite Shamanic, Esoteric and Ceremonial Arts to allow you to kindly disengage from outdated patterns, by inviting you potently to create new shifts, so that you may fluidly crystalize new awarenesses in a non-judgemental and compassionate manner. This will set the tone for a grounded New Year, where you will bee in charge of where you place your attention to co-create with Joy, Beauty and Presence.

In addition you will receive a rollerball with a personalized blend that complements your Astrological Sign blessed by the healing and evolutionary energies of our sacred work together, elevated in the altar. And a computer printout of your Birth chart, which will help you understand your life's journey and give you insights into the path of your soul.

Bring: Colored markers, crayons and fun stickers. Please dress in older clothes. Spill proof bottle of water to drink, any personal items to be charged in the alter (like family or significant jewelry, photos of ancestors, etc) and a journal.

Investment: Early Bird $77 by 1/18/2018. After $88. We need you to register so that there will be time to create your Birth Chart and the rollerball. Space is limited to 10 participants! This may bee a great holiday gift!

Meet Jaque
Jaque started in the field of wellness trainings in 2004. She is a certified massage therapist, Reiki & New Paradigm practitioner and teacher, Advanced Energy & Shamanic practitioner, and Zero Balancing practitioner. Jaque also is a Kundalini & Hatha Yoga instructor. Jaque's passion for embracing holistic treatments developed as she faced physical and emotional challenges of her own and of her family members. As she opened up to Reiki, massage therapy, yoga, meditation, essential oils, EFT and Shamanic healing the quality of her life and of her beloved family members began to expand and transform. Soon she organically began sharing these modalities with others and has created a carrier of Service. She continues to passionately learn and expand as a practitioner, teacher and as a person.

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