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Merkaba Activation & Expansion

  • 309 Third St. New Cumberland United States (map)
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Saturday, December 14, 2019
10 - 12 PM

In this workshop, we will teach you how to activate your Merkaba also known as your light body. ‘MER’ means LIGHT, ‘KA’ means SPIRIT and ‘BA’ means Body. This vehicle of ascension is used to expand your awareness and connect to pure consciousness for self-realization. It has been used by the ancient Egyptians and other civilizations as a method of embodying light into the physical form. It is around you all the time as your Light Body.

The purpose of the Merkaba activation is to teach you how to use the energy for your highest good to expand your spiritual awareness and manifest your abilities for yourself and for humanity.

Investment: $44.00. Drop-in cash or check, please.

Meet your AMAZING facilitators!
Alchemy: The Soul of Transformation

Alchemy was formed in 2016 when Denise and Michael met while building an Ashram in India. Denise lived in Philadelphia and Michael in India. Their friendship was profound and based on deep love. Both were on separate paths living on different sides of the world, yet fate brought them together and they have been inseparable ever since. They were guided to form Alchemy as a vehicle to teach, share and support people through the stresses of life. They reside in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania with their two dogs, Murphy the Pug and Radha, a Husky Puppy and their rescue barn cat, Shiva. They have created a 700 SF teaching space for programs to serve individuals and the community.