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Experience the Magdalena Within Workshop

  • Bee Present Wellness 309 Third St. New Cumberland United States (map)

Thursday May 16, 2019
6 - 7 PM

Mary Magdalena served a Divine Plan that began 2000 years ago. At that time, she anchored the DivineFeminine Christ Light on Earth. Now she invites all of us to join in her powerful mission. She calls us to the work of balancing the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies within ourselves and on our planet.  

In her time and culture, women who spoke out risked death. Yet Mary Magdalena’s courage never wavered. As she boldly proclaimed the message of her beloved Master, Jesus, she embodied fearless devotion. She taught by example the true meaning of Faith in Action. Now more than ever, we seek to follow in her footsteps.  

Mary Magdalena carried a broad range of healing frequencies, including Oneness, Peace, and Tenderness. She devoted herself fearlessly to her role in the grand design. She embodied the highest qualities of the Divine: Unshakable Faith. Unwavering Courage. Love in action. The path of Magdalena is to follow in her example.

 This event may invite you to:

·      Recharge: in the powerful, healing energies of Mary Magdalena

·      Reconnect: to your heart’s greatest desires

·      Renew: yourself and your life – with more purpose, more meaning, and more connection to your divine nature

Investment: $20. Drop in cash or check please to Bee Present Wellness.

Private Session: There are two time slots for a private session with the Magdalena Energies. These high vibrational frequencies are provided.  To receive these energies, the client lies fully clothed on a treatment table in a comfortable state, with back/neck support as needed.  The practitioner works around but does not touch the client, pouring Magdalena energies through the hands into the client’s subtle bodies and chakras, and anchoring these energies.  With these high level frequencies, the client’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are supported and balanced.  Specific energy sessions are as unique as we are, with different experiences even for the same client.  Whatever occurs is perfect for you. 


Meet Kandy
Kandy Melillo is a Certified Magdalena Energy   Practitioner, MEP-C. She will be sharing with you these Divine Feminine energies, brought to this planet by Her Holiness Sai Maa, and embodied by our beloved Mary Magdalena, her process for opening up to her own Divine Sacred Balance and a lovely meditation. Now is her time…. And YOURS!

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