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Beehive 9 Day Cleanse Intro


Tuesday June 3, 2019
6 - 8 PM

This introduction to the Beehive 9 Day Cleanse will demystify yogic detoxes and how this 9 days may open up a whole new world for you. There are many things to learn and to experience. This is done at your own pace. Many steps are in place to create the most relaxing and invigorating atmosphere, as you are lovingly encouraged to clear physically and emotionally energies and substances from your being.

Bring your questions and your curiosity! For the first hour Jaque will share about the cleanse.

In the second portion of the evening if you are interested in participating in the Beehive 9 Day Cleanse you may pay in full for the cleanse and receive:

  • Daily Yoga schedule

  • A pdf with the menu

  • Invitation for the closed Facebook group

  • Invitation for the online videos with daily meditations

For more information about the Beehive 9 Day Cleanse:

Dates of the cleanse: June Thursday the 6th through Friday the 14th.

Investment: Free session. Please register below!

Meet Jaque
Jaque has been utilizing yogic Ayurvedic cleanses for herself since her Kundalini Yoga teacher training, and organically started facilitating cleanses for her students. As an experienced Kundalini Yoga instructor she appreciates the opportunities within these 9 days for great new awarenesses and optimum transformation within oneself.