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Initiation into the Order of the White Rose with Mary Magdalene

  • Bee Present Wellness 309 Third St. New Cumberland United States (map)
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Sunday June 16, 2019
7 - 9 PM

Join us for this very special Initiation into the Order of the White Rose Ceremony, led by Mary Magdalene, as channeled by Sharon Prince. The White Rose signifies "purity" and "the Divine Feminine." It is a symbol of the Goddess and the Angelic Realm. It is also the symbol for Highest Grace, Truth, Honor, Purity of Heart, and of Spirit's healing power and Love made manifest on Earth through all of us.  Ascended Masters Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, White Buffalo Woman, and Egyptian Queen Isis, are members of this Order and will address us and welcome us into the Order!

Mary Magdalene will guide us into higher states of consciousness with a holy meditation, helping us to connect with both our Cosmic Mother and our Earth Mother, Gaia, to help us remember who we truly are and to remember our Sacred Soul Contract with the Divine Feminine! The ceremony will culminate with each person being initiated into the Order of the White Rose by Mary Magdalene. Each initiate will be given a personal message and blessing from Mary Magdalene and will receive her/his Personal Symbol and a Key into the Order. After all have been initiated, each will sign the registration book and be presented with a beautiful white rose and a Personalized Certificate. You will be joining a wonderful international group of sisters and brothers!

PLEASE NOTE: This is an oath and initiation into a Sacred Divine Feminine Order, not a regular workshop or meditation.  You must arrive at least 20 minutes prior to start time to prepare for the ceremony.  Please wear white to enhance the sacredness of the experience. NO LATE ARRIVALS!  Once the ceremony has begun, the door will be closed to any latecomers.  No cell phones or personal items will be brought into the circle. We will have a safe place to store those items.  We will use smudge and clearing spray to prepare ourselves beforehand.

Initiation Fee: $30. You must reserve your place in advance.  PLEASE EMAIL SHARON at: and let her know the reason you would like to join, then contact organizer Jaque Hanson to register: / 717-448-1281 to register.  (Please give her the full name you wish to appear on your certificate. If for some reason you cannot attend, PLEASE CALL IN ADVANCE TO LET US KNOW!  If you are already a member of the Order of the White Rose, you can participate and welcome in the new members at the reduced membership rate of $10 (cash or check). You will receive a personal message/blessing from Mary Magdalene, as well.

Sharon Prince is an intuitive reader, spiritual teacher and speaker, author, past life regression therapist, life coach and minister.  She travels the world teaching classes on psychic development and empowering the divine feminine, and reads for an international clientele.  If you would like to book a private reading on Sunday. June 16, from 9 am – 5 pm, please contact Jaque Hanson:  717-448-1281.

Meet Sharon
Sharon Prince has been doing professional readings since 1992. Sharon is an intuitive, psychic, spiritual reader, a channel and a medium. She answers all types of questions and specializes in relationships and spiritual/life purpose. She is a certified hypnotist, certified life coach, a licensed minister and a licensed teacher. She travels throughout the U.S. and Europe teaching classes on developing psychic awareness, divine feminine archetypes, and is a channel for Ascended Masters.

For more information please visit 1-832-909-3230 mobile
Skype: sharon.prince2

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A Few Testimonies about Sharon's Channeling of Mary Magdalene from Around the World:
Thank you so much for being in our part of Suffolk last night. It was a beautiful event and the connection with Mary Magdalene was full of love. I am honored to connect with you in this lifetime. - John V., Suffolk, United Kingdom

”It was Sharon’s first MM workshop and I was working for Sharon as a translator. The whole workshop was amazing, and all people were so touched by MM energy and love. At the end of the workshop Sharon channeled MM and her messages to each one who attended the workshop. Amazing! It wasn’t easy to concentrate on the words I needed to translate and at the same time trying not to be over flown with emotions. At some parts I was crying so touched I was by the energy.” - Alida Irisic, Translator, Maribor, Slovenia

”Thank you so very much for gracing our Shrine with your presence and [Mary Magdalene] teachings. Please know that it is always at your disposal for future gatherings. May all your actions continue to manifest in beauty.” - Father Jorge, The Shrine of Holy Wisdom, Tempe, AZ

”I so enjoyed the MM you did at ARE Center. I am still feeling and enjoying the effects over 2 weeks later!” - Pamela R., Houston, TX

”Endless thanks for the workshop with MM. Today, when I received the recording, I went through it again and again. I felt the overwhelming strength of the event. Oh, wonderful. I am thanking you so much. You are so wonderful and doing such beautiful work. You are and will be always blessed.” - Anica Vrtlar, Event Organizer, Vukovar, Croatia