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Earth Sanctuary Yoga

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Thursday March 8, 2018
5:45 - 7:15 PM

Join Kelly every second Thursday of the month in the Beehive as she creates a sanctuary of serenity and peace, a place for nurturing and sacred Self-Care. This monthly mini midweek retreat will include gentle yoga, long held restorative postures with bolsters and blankets, mudras for relaxation, and meditations to drop you into dee states of tranquility, stillness and contentment. In addition to yoga and meditation, tools for whole body care like Self-Massage, body oiling and Tea Ceremony will also bee a part of each practice. Each month's Mini- Retreat will bee based upon the season it is in and the corresponding elements and directions. 

Investment: $20. For drop ins cash or check please. 

Meet Kelly
Kelly Marsico’s journey with yoga started over twenty years ago while attending college.  Scrimping together pennies to take a class here and there, she finally got smart and made kind suggestions to family that a ten class yoga pass would be a great gift idea for birthdays or holidays. A seed was planted and although over the years she was not practicing consistently at a studio due to being a busy mom of three very active children, the love of yoga was always there and germinating. Noticing that yoga was always her go-to when difficulties in her life arose, she got smart again and decided that she didn’t want to just feel good in times of trouble, but all the time. This was truly a life changing decision. Developing a daily practice at home, taking classes occasionally at local studios and enrolling in teacher training the seed matured, sprouted and bloomed.