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Lions Gate Astrology Weaved with Shamanism

  • Bee Present Wellness 309 Third St. New Cumberland United States (map)
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Thursday August 8, 2019
6 - 9 PM

So many astrological mammoth happenings are occurring now. The Lion’s Gate opens every year on August 8th till the 12th, when the Sun is in Leo and is marked by the star Sirius moving closer to earth and aligning in Orion’s belt, which perfectly syncs up with the Pyramids in Giza. This portal is here to help us heal separation consciousness. Our ascended or higher heart is getting activations and upgrades.

Astrological transits that are rare, haven’t happened in decades, some hundreds of years, meaning no living human beings have experienced them before, are showing up now! We are being catapulted into the Aquarian Age with much propulsion. By learning about them we may initiate many new ways to self-care, empower and create the life that we deserve to create and embody now.  

Can you imagine how it would feel like to learn about yours and the collective’s astrological happenings, create a plan of action with compassion, self-awareness, and unnattachment, and activate with ceremony what you wish to ignite in your life with potent intentions and mindfulness?

Join Cathy Harner and Jaque Hanson for all of the above and much more! Cathy will share a rundown of all of the extraordinary astrological occurrences including the information with the asteroids, while Jaque will ignite the earth-bound energies to create a supercharged atmosphere to open you up to the manifestation of your desires, potentially healing of needless patterns and helpful discussion of Spiritual Principals. Combining aromatherapy, animal medicine and her spirit guides and teachers with Shamanic Pranayam — we will collectively weave a vortex of all possibility!

Bring: a journal, spill proof water bottle, items for the altar (optional), dress comfortably.

Investment: Early bird $33 by 8/3, after $44. Drop in cash or check please.

Meet Jaque
Jaque Hanson started in the field of wellness trainings in 2004. She is a certified massage therapist, Reiki & New Paradigm practitioner and teacher, Advanced Energy & Shamanic practitioner Jaque also is a Kundalini & Hatha Yoga instructor. Jaque's passion for embracing holistic treatments developed as she faced physical and emotional challenges of her own and of her family members. As she opened up to Reiki, massage therapy, yoga, meditation, essential oils, EFT and Shamanic healing the quality of her life and of her beloved family members began to expand and transform. Soon she organically began sharing these modalities with others and has created a carrier of Service. She continues to passionately learn and expand as a practitioner, teacher and as a person.

Meet Cathy
Cathy Harner started her carrier as a nurse. Her love for learning took her into the wings of Astrology many decades ago. Ever since Cathy has thrived with her passion for learning about the stars, asteroids and how they have guided her path. She has ever since been helping others to empower with Astrological private sessions. Cathy has been serving her community as a Reiki teacher and as a natural community leader, she has been bringing the awareness about the different Archetypes of the Goddess all along.